CanConnect's Sharing Hope Project

Wisdom and stories shared by everyday people affected by cancer. Sharing your personal experiences can help others learn how from you have faced similar challenges.


We are looking for submissions especially by our local Tennesseans!

It Worked for Me
Practical tips and strategies for and by cancer patients, survivors, family, and friends.


From special recipes and returning to work, to finding inspiration and ways to show you care. What lessons have you learned and what strategies have you created for living with cancer? What "worked for you"?


Do you have ideas for other categories and topics for sharing what worked? Send us feedback!


Hope though Humor

Cancer is not a funny word. Living through the diagnosis and treatments is certainly not something to laugh about. But sharing the quirky, humorous, and funny experiences cancer patients encounter does produce laughter.


Research has proven that laughter and a positive attitude will produce endorphins, promote healing, increase your immune system by 50%, and have a relaxing effect on your body.


We would like for all of you to share your humorous stories with other patients and families by completing the sentences below. Everyone should laugh every day.


  • "You know you are a cancer survivor when..."
  • "You know you are a cancer caregiver when..."
  • "You know you have chemo fog when..."
Do you have ideas for other phrases in this style? Send us feedback!

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